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Stream of Consciousness Final Blog


I recently got the new yearbook on Friday. After skimming through all the sports pages, pictures, “Most likely to..”, etc. I admit that I was a bit disappointed. The yearbook committee did a great job, but, in comparison to last year’s, it lacked the “connections” to pull it together. Indeed, the color scheme of last year’s Middle Mile yearbook for 2007-2008 was much more creative. They had labeled the names of all students caught on camera in their respective color groups: Pink for seniors, Yellow for juniors, Orange for sophomores, and Green for freshmen (us). You could get the nationalistic feeling swelling up inside you as you saw your name printed in dark green letters, catching that football in Powderpuff Football, eating a disgusting combination of foods on the same plate during the food eating contest, and dancing to the tune of “Soulja Boi” at the dance off (although we didn’t have time to make a team :P). Yearbooks are an expensive thing to buy, $90! (Or 80 if you planned ahead and bought it earlier in the year). I feel that I didn’t get my money’s worth. Perhaps, my favoritism of the Middle Mile year book is due to the fact that it was my very first high school yearbook. This year’s batch of freshmen, I suspect, would be thrilled with the outcome of the $90 because this was their first time as well. Next year’s yearbook is probably going to be Orange or some color like that. I still, nonetheless, applaud the yearbook committee for compiling together the entirety of one school year into a book that is supposed to bring nostalgic memories in adulthood. “That’s how I looked in 10th grade? Jesus!”


Cramming all the tests from all your classes into one week of hard labor is pretty intense. You must be both mentally and physically prepared for the onslaught of multiple choice questions, finding the cosine of triangle ABC, filling in the blank from a word bank of verbs, and remembering the date for the French Revolution. Hectic as finals schedule may be, students will find solace in the fact that it is THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. Immediately after completing their hardest finals, Algebra II for me, which is on Monday, the week will be a breeze on the beach on a sunny day with no clouds, laughing children, roaring tides, and calm tranquil strums of a ukulele. Thankfully, my other teachers decided to have the finals earlier so such a stressful situation would not occur. The only finals I have to take are Algebra II, World History, and AP Computer Science. The only real threat to my grade is if I do poorly on the Algebra II final. The rest are easy.

Summer Vacation:

There are almost limitless possibilities for what you could do during the summer vacation. You could go sailing along the Bay or rent a yacht and have a sexy party. You could try a new sport or find a new hobby like Ultimate Frisbee or knitting...Also, many students I imagine are going to take summer classes at community colleges for extra credit or personal interests or educational development. The process is confusing if you are applying for the first time, with the concurrent enrollment form and whatnot, and making an online account for adding classes. This year, I’m taking Video Production Intensive at Berkeley City College with Zori. We both have some interest in the field of film-making and animation. For the quarterly outside reading projects, I’ve made movies on the books I’ve read: In Dubious Battle and I Am Jackie Chan. If you’re wondering why there are only two movies, Mr. Ross didn’t assign a project this quarter, and for second quarter, we made a mix tape representing the character of Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon. Sigh, I will probably sleep till noon each day...and then eat breakfast, watch some TV, play some tennis, do some English 3 Honors homework and some AP Chemistry homework...Eat lunch and dinner, watch TV, use the computer, learn about video production, sleep. Repeat. Summer’s still better than waking up at 7 am in the morning to go to school and take tests. For sure!


How can we define something such as the essence of man? Can we measure the amount of courage or character in people and apply some formula involving complex numbers and radicals to find the answer? There can’t be a single answer to this vast idea of manhood or what is means to be a man. Is there a height requirement? A certain number of chest hairs or armpit fungus? How many push ups or bench presses you can do until you break? The sports you play, not counting badminton, ping-pong, golf, etc? The job you have or amount of money you earn? Is it more than your spouse? Does that matter or come into the equation at all? I would search on Google to find some philosophical answer but I believe that you must discover what it means to be a man yourself. Doing something that makes you happy is not enough, some people would say. You have to suffer, learn, improve, and succeed, not always in that order. Does the number or frequency of pimples matter? Is puberty the rite of passage from boys to men or is it when they have sex for the first time? That is all subjective opinionated ideas that surround our culture. Find out what it means to you. That’s your job.

Level 7:

Just a month ago, Zori told me about UCLA has a college or campus for cinematography or film-making. When I checked out the website, I was pretty impressed by the student films displayed. One of them that I took the time to watch was called “Level 7”. It was about a group of coworkers having secret affairs on the same parking lot floor in their building. There was one woman who lost her car and went to see the security guard for help. After a span of several minutes, they decide they will get married! I suppose they had a strong love connection. Meanwhile, it cuts to a prostitute van with a pimp who looks like ....I won’t say...and two cops searching for the van to bust their illegal operation. They end up catching the wrong car, a quarreling couple that had been cheating on the other, and in the end of the short film, the prostitute van escapes, the pimp confesses his love for one of the prostitutes, the woman finds her car that was actually on the wrong floor, and the security guard gets a new girlfriend. I think it showed how crazy or reckless love can be expressed. It doesn’t matter who you are, there can be someone to love you? Anyways, that really interested me.


It’s over. I’m done with french for the year. No more stressing out. No more going on wordreference to look up the gender of an noun or the right form of a verb. Why does the french language use so many tenses? In english you play is the spelled the same as we play. In french, it’s tu joues, and nous jouons! For more complexity, if you want to say I will leave, it’s je partirai, and if you want to say, I left, it’s je partais (I think...). There’s more than one mode of thought as well. In French 3 we didn’t learn all of them yet and barely touched the subjunctive. French 4 is about to be harder than AP Chemistry, by a mile. This year, I did better in AP Computer Science than I did in French 3, that’s how hard it was for me...Well, I’ve grown accustomed to the classic 200 point test that’s worth like 80% of your grade, but it’s still nerve-racking to go one-on-one with Mrs. Selvin for at least 10 minutes and talk about the meaning behind a certain french poem by Jean De La Fontaine, for example. As our second semester final, we had to recite Le chêne et le roseau, a 34 line poem (if memory serves), and then begin the terrifying oral. (Go ahead laugh) After I was done, it took me 13.52 minutes to say what I had to say, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and was lighter than a feather. Of course, consequently, I haven’t put much effort into the math final yet.. As of right this moment I still need to study my buns off. I’m staring right at my textbook with malice...Why do I have it first period?

Character Project:

I find that we have so much diversity in America, in so many different ethnic groups, cultures, regions, highways, railroads, restaurants, barbershops, bookstores, shopping outlets, bakeries, monuments, and everything else the people have made or done. There is a project sponsored by the USA network going on called the Character Project, where 11 renowned photographers travel across America to capture the uniqueness of each person, place, and thing. You can clearly see the beauty of such a project once you’ve looked at the galleries on their website. It is one of the reasons being different is a good thing. If everyone dressed the same way, ate the same food, had the same hairstyle, played the same instrument, played the same sport, or watched the same shows, would not that be a utterly dead world? Such a horror that everyone would run the same mile times and talk about the same things. Of course, that’s just being an extremist or having a rather extreme look at things. It’s sort of sad how people get looked down upon being of their differences. Like Uchendu said one thing for you “is an abomination to others”. I couldn’t find the exact quote online so I tried to improvise...not as impressive as you can see. Also, like in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Pecola wishes to be like a Shirley Temple doll because it seems from her perspective, being white is equivalent to being loved. On the opposing side, Claudia is quite proud of her blackness. She even notices how she dislikes cleaning of the dirt in the bath because it symbolizes cleanliness and the smooth skin of white peoples’.


What annoys me nowadays is the 1.29 charge for a popular song on Itunes! They expect you to pay an extra 30 cents because it’s considered a good song if the majority of the Itunes members buy it. If I wanted to buy, “Amazing” by Kanye West a couple month back, like in February, I wouldn’t have to pay this ridiculous fee. I’m trying to save all those pennies up for a ‘free’ song every 100 purchases. What a ripoff. It’s better to just torrent your music and movies instead of getting them for $1.29 on Itunes. The only time I ever buy songs on Itunes is if it’s really good or it the torrents don’t seem to have trustworthy seeders or downloaders. I would much rather pay $1.29 to avoid a virus from infecting my computer. You can always trust Itunes to give you pretty high quality music without any nasty bugs attached. “Surprise, you’re main computer is now infected with a malicious virus. All files are corrupted. You’ve lost all your progress and saved data during this session. Call Microsoft now for help and expect 2-3 months for a reply, 4-3 weeks for a solution, and 1-2 minutes for a new computer. Thank you for choosing Microsoft.”

New Prospects:

I’m going to be moving to a new house soon. It’s not very well painted though. It’s greeeeeen. Why did my parent’s decide to buy this house? It’s helllllla big. The design for the upstairs bedrooms is lacking originality though. They all look the same! Except for the master bedroom, they all have the same sized closets and white wall paint. It’s probably going to look better with furniture though. I suspect that there won’t be enough furniture to put in all the rooms. There’ll be awkward empty spaces around the house. Aside from the size of the house, by relocating, I’ll have to potentially wake up at 6:45 instead of the usual 7:15 to go to school. There could be traffic along the way and make me tardy for 1st or 2nd period. This year alone, I’ve gotten a bunch of tardies even though I live close enough to walk for 20 minutes to school. It’s going to an effort to get used to waking up. For the first week or so, I’ll probably wake up and find the urge to go to the bathroom but get lost trying to find it. I may trip and fall down the stairs which has never been a problem living here since there’s no stairs to fall on. I think I’ll have barbecue's in the backyard or install something entertaining there, perhaps grow a garden. Internet will probably be disconnected for the first few days so I won’t be able to check my email and have my inbox flooded with Schoolloop reports. Will schoolloop still operate during the summer or will it shut down? New HOUSE.


I need sleep more than I need to fulfill the urge to urinate. This school year I probably have gone to bed later on average than any other year in my life. I remember the good old days where I could go to bed at 9:30 and wake up restful and energized in 8th grade. Now, I sleep at 1-2:30 and have to wake up even earlier than in the middle school so I’m getting even less sleep time. Consequently, I have dark bags under my eyes that can be visibly seen on the yearbook picture...I lack the concentration to focus during my earlier classes and constantly rest my head on the desk and close my eyes until the teacher notices. That’s not a good habit. It is only after consuming lunch that I actually wake up. The carbohydrates of a Domino’s personal pepperoni pizza and the glucose from a soda are broken down by intestinal fluids secreted by various glands and organs to provide fuel for function. I hate how when you take a nap, you don’t really feel sleep at night and sleep even later than usual. It messes up your internal clock! I NEED SLEEP!
I wake up, stretch my back, and let out a yawn from my own private suite at the Kensington Palace Hotel in London, New England. After slipping into something more suitable for outdoor activities, I knock on the door to my parents’ room to see if they’re up yet. My dad grumbles as he opens the door in a “You woke me up for this?” attitude. I ask him for some spending money and tell him to go back to sleep. Half-awake and half-asleep, he takes out his wallet and mistakenly hands me his unlimited platinum company credit card instead of some bills. Without noticing the dangerous position he would soon be in, my dad mutters a, “Have fun...” and shuts the door firmly. A few seconds later, the sound of a cranky bear hibernating permeated across the suites and disturbed all the other guests on the floor. But by then, I am already outside of the luxury hotel, bagel in hand, and a map of London in the other.

Quickly, I signal a taxi (or limo) and tell him to go to straight downtown. For the duration of the ride, I listen intently to the announcer of the Roland Garros Grand Slam Tennis tournament in Paris interview Rafael Nadal, the current number one men’s singles seed in the world.

“Nadal, do you expect another win this year on your most familiar turf or do you think Roger Federer will usurp your title for the first time in five or six years?”

“I do not worry about this because I drink a special protein formula before every match that gives me the biceps to squash a watermelon. Do not quote me on this please.”

“Such confidence coming from the Spaniard! Well, there you have it folks, Rafael Nadal, the pinnacle in the sport of tennis! Next up we have comedian Novak Djokovic imitating Maria Sharapova’s serve...”

The ride ended and it was time to get rolling! I tour the streets and attractions on a double-decker bus and almost decapitate myself when I stood up in front of a low-tunnel to wave hello at the people passing by. After a almost near-death experience, I meander into the stores of that famous alleyway, with guards that still dress like the 1940s and have cockney accents to boot. There I purchase a stylish white suit with a sky-blue stripped tie with matching white pants and some Gucci-ass stunner shades that make me look like a celebrity. It is noon and I’m eating a prime-center-cut choice/premium/select/sex-in-your-mouth T-bone steak with complimentary fish and chips in newspaper at a fancy-pants restaurant balcony with a gorgeous view of the street-life below and the London Bridge facing towards the left, glittering in the sunlight (which most of the time is freezing-butt cold but today the sun peaked out).

The following events are very unlikely to occur but occur anyway in this day-off because this is a fascinating story so far don’t’ you think and could use even more interesting events to spice it up further. By very unlikely I mean find the needle in a thousands stacks of hay unlikely, have a royal flush three times in a row unlikely, winning the lottery more than once with prizes over a million dollars unlikely; you get the picture. An woman in a flattering blue mini-skirt tripped over a slight jag in the floorboards and sent a cascade of deep sinking blood-red wine into the very soul of my new WHITE suit. The surrounding audience lets out a faint gasp and the lady kindly asks for some assistance, but I gesture my hand and tell them I’ve got it under control. Using my napkin, I do my best to mop up the stain but to no avail. My perpetrator interrupts my failing attempt to clean up the mess and asks, “Hey aren’t you Jackie Chan? Wow, imagine that! I spilled wine on THE Jackie Chan! Can I help you get that suit cleaned?”

Going along with her I reply, “It’s fine, it’s fine, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I’ll just get a new suit.”

Without budging an inch the woman insisted that I’d get my suit fixed pronto. I gradually stopped resisting and agreed to let her escort me to her private jet...Wooosh...Unexpectedly, she told me after washing up, that she needed to go to Paris for her tennis match.....BECAUSE SHE”S MARIA SHARAPOVA!!!!! How could I have missed it? It was so obvious, the mini-skirt, the generosity, the trip to Paris, the everything!! Still under the guise of famous movie star Jackie Chan, I was able to hitch a ride to Paris and see the Roland Garros live, with help from my now close friend Maria Sharapova who won her next match in straight sets 6-2 6-1, crushing her opponent into the dust. I applauded from the stands every time she hit a winner down the line and an ace. After the match I was honored to meet Rafael Nadal himself, among other pros at the French tournament and got all their signatures and learned something new about each of them. Djokovic does the best impression of Maria and Roddick does the best imitation of the William Sisters.

When all the matches were finished, Maria invites me to have dinner with her and other tennis players like Tsonga and Monfils, at a nice Parisian bar (I’m still impersonating Jackie Chan) with some eloquent jazz music playing in the background. We chat it up and I become an instant hit with them. They want me to show them some kung fu but I was able to dissuade them otherwise my guise would be ruined. After the sun had set, Maria took me back to London in her private jet and we watched a in-flight movie with some kettle corn (that is the best kind) and had some massage chairs to recline in for the whole flight. Once-in-a-lifetime experience. My dad woke up in the night and wanted his credit card back. Luckily he was none the wiser.


Longtime running children show Dragonball Z finally ended in America during the summer of 2005. The main protagonist, Goku, has lived his life to the fullest: Blasting General Tao with a Kamehameha (concentrated blue blast of energy fired usually fired from the palms of his hands), fightin against aliens that could transform into giant apes in the light of a full moon, dying during a battle with a grotesque insect creature from an alternate future, traveling to the planet Namek to save the Namek Martians from power-hungry, destroyer-of-worlds Freiza (One Crazy dude), coming back to life at least three times by a magical dragon that grants wishes when all seven Dragon Balls are gathered in the same spot, and getting transformed back into a child from an unplanned wish by an enraged Emperor Pilaf (An old enemy from the original series: Dragonball). Altogether he marries the daughter of the Ox King, has a son named after his surrogate grandfather Gohan, makes friends with the inhabitants of the planet Namek and many other citizens of the planets he visits, learns how to teleport instantaneously to any location he has previously traveled, climbs up to a temple in the sky to become a disciple of an 1000 year-old Namek elder, saves the world from complete destruction from androids, insect creatures, the Red Army (rip-off from the Communists), aliens, and finally defeats the tainted physical forms of the Dragon that is summoned by the Dragon Balls, Shenron. His son will have a long road ahead of him if he wants to even compare to his father’s legacy. Talk about high expectations. Such an incredible journey has elapsed over the span of almost three generations in Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT time.

At some point in his lifetime, Goku has even conquered the realm of death, the Other World. During the seven year period where he trains in this family-friendly version of Hell or Heaven, Goku manages to win a demon tournament and helps fight against an ancient pink gelatinous creature called Majin Buu with the Kais’, they are the protectors of the Other World and the rest of the Universe as well. This great evil splits into two personalities, one is chubby and childish, the other is sinister and sadistic. Even Goku needs to fuse with Vegeta, the prince of the Sayians (a race of aliens that Goku comes from), using a pair of magic earrings the Kais’ give him. But alas, the evil Majin Buu is still too powerful for the two heros to defeat. They take it a step further and go to Super Sayian Level 3 and finish off Majin Buu with a Spirit Bomb: the collected Spirit energy of all the people living on Earth. Where would Earth be if Goku wasn’t there to save it?

He is more than just your average super-hero, he is a legend that children will grow up remembering and pass on to their children, who will then pass it on to their children, and so forth. To sum it all up (cheesy ending), Goku will always continue defeating evil in our hearts with his patented Kamehameha!

This is satire by the way.

Artsy BLog

I chose to analyze the meaning of this particular painting by Rene Magritte because of its simplicity and peculiar phrase, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. One could speculate that if it not a pipe they are looking at what in the world could it possibly be? Magritte invites you to ponder intensely over the rather simple painting of some object that does look like a pipe. This questioning pushes the viewer to imagine things that such a pipe-like shaped object could represent or look similar to. Perhaps this painting is merely trying to tell us that something that looks like a pipe is not necessarily a pipe. This can be applied to all objects and perhaps even ideas. The things we instantly perceive with our senses may not actually be the same thing that other people perceive. Different cultures probably have various uses for wooden pipes and would not call them pipes in the first place. It is instinctive for humans to find meaning in what they know best, know commonly, know most familiarly.

We don’t look outside the box at first glance, but instead we look at what we are most familiar with and connect two-and-two together. So, yes, to many people at first glance, it will look most definitely like a wooden smoking pipe. Perhaps within the first few minutes, after reading the message, (which means this is not a pipe) they will try and configure alternate shapes and pictures into their minds. In our culture, there is nothing else remotely similar to a wooden pipe shaped object so we cannot change within our minds that it must be a pipe. To be honest, after reading the message I thought that the pipe could be a winding road of some sorts. You could argue that it may be some deformed tunnel with one end getting smaller and smaller. Whatever shape or alternate object you choose, your mind most likely still would refer to it as a pipe. It just shows how hard-wired we are and how tough it is to reprogram our minds from seeing things in a different perspective. (Does this relate to THINGS FALL APART because the colonists and Okonkwo can’t change their inaccurate views about the other?)

Magritte did a very good job of confusing our senses by throwing that message down. Without it, we would just assume he did a pointless painting of some pipe. With this one phrase, he made it much more than a mere pipe in front of a brown background (there’s probably some more specific shade of brown he used). Of course, there is another question of why he chose to use a pipe instead of some other common object like a broom or a radio or a fork. I guess the guy just likes pipes.

Blog 15 : Lair of the Beast

One breath. Two breath. Three breath. Deep breath. The clock struck three and the empty halls of Albany High soon flooded with cheerful students like a stampede of buffalos across a barren valley. It was Friday, a time where procrastination reigns and staying out late is A-Okay. Out of the shadows, a lone group of students with heads hung low approached their doom. The gates to hell were unshackled and the three-headed demon mutt guarding them drew a heavy, moist breath as he checked off each student from his “List of Acceptables”. One little boy, barely as tall as my shoulders was horrified when the beast cast him out of the room for talking too loudly on the phone. Others watched in absolute terror as the freshman was hung by his coattails and booted swiftly outside, never to be seen again. Then it was my turn to pass through the fiery chambers and into the Beast’s molten lair: The Dreaded Multipurpose Room. One breath. Two breath. Three breath. Deep breath. Grunting in approval, I was allowed entrance promptly, but not without feeling the stench of his red-onion/black pepper/rotten egg breath crawl down my spine like a furry diseased squirrel. Once seated with other students of various academic calibers and handed the proper papers necessary to complete the assessment, the Beast of the Multipurpose Room declared through the mystic microphone speakers, “You have two hours and thirty minutes to finish the exam. The second portion of the test is solely for extra credit purposes. It can only help your score. Remember, anyone caught cheating off someone else’s paper will be severely reprimanded. Alright, you may begin...Now!”. My hand stood stiff on the paper, not moving an inch. Some supernatural force of nature was restricting my movements and preventing me from filling in the first circle completely. In my mind, the Beast’s words echoed like a cacophony of noise and sound that shut out all other sensations. For the first five minutes, time stood still. The arms of the clock taunted me with it’s repetitious tic-ing and toc-ing. Was it (A) or (D)? How do you find the negative logarithm of a number? When can this madness be over? One breath. Two breath. Three breath. Deep Breath. In a flurry of motion, I began to understand and soon overcame the stifling conditions of the room. After the longest two hours in my life, I was finished. Slowly, I made my way down to the desk of the Beast and calmly whispered, “Easy as pie”. The AP Chemistry teacher gave me a snarling glare that would’ve made a Rottweiler defecate itself.


The LONG Interview

1. The most inspirational person to me is not a famous actor, singer, musician, politician, or celebrity in general but someone that has great character and is a good role-model for little children to look up to and say, “Gosh, I wish I could grow up to be just like...” Zheng Sun. He is the pinnacle of perfection and the ideal man. He gets nearly straight A’s and tries to work as hard as he can on every assignment. There hasn’t ever been a case of cheating since kindergarten on the Alphabet test. Zheng Sun is a great shooter and has nice handles. After Tennis, Basketball is probably my favorite sport. He is a tutor for middle and high school students and doesn’t even demand pay for it! Such a selfless person makes inspires me to be more altruistic and generous. Also, as a fellow Chinese person, Zheng is like an older brother to me. He never gives up and always strives to be the best, something that I don’t often do because I’m not comfortable with who I am (in comparison to Zheng).

2. First off, I’d like to go and buy a new tennis racket, most likely a Babolat Aero Drive (the one that Nadal uses) or the red one that Federer uses. They cost about $150 (Right now I use the Babolat Pro Drive Plus which is like last last year’s model). Next, I’d like to get some new clothes, shoes, and gear from Nike or Adidas because they look raw and last longer than other brands. My eyes are focused on getting this Tee that says, “My Better Is Better Than Your Better”. Also, I would like to treat some friends (no more than six) to Ice Cream at one of those Hagen Daz Stores (not sure if there are any ones nearby though). I went to one in Vegas and they had very tasty waffle cone cookie’s n’ cream. I’d like to either buy or rent out a whole fleet of those water boats (water motorcycle things...gah) and have like a race across the Bay Area from like My house to the Golden Gate Bridge or something. Winner gets free dinner that I’d pay for at like a fancy restaurant with salads costing $100. Don’t even ask about the steak. Perhaps, besides the dinner, I’d spend some of the $10,000 on new laptop, most likely a PC not a Mac because I’m not used to them yet. Then, I’d be able to upload all my videos and pictures there instead of the desktop that I have to share. It’s convenient.

3. I would want to go back to September 11th, 2001. Ten hours before the crash at the World Trade Centers, I would prove to the world that there would be a Terrorist attack coming. This space of time allows me to warn the Pentagon of the plane coming to crash there, and the Town of Shankshaw (or something like that) to evacuate or prepare for impact for the plane crashing there. Above all, I wouldn’t tell the President himself because he’d somehow manage to screw things over. Instead, I’d contact the CIA or some other American Intelligence Agency to intercept the planes before they get hijacked by the Terrorists. By preventing the plane from crashing, I’d stop over 2,000 people from dying and a national catastrophe. We all know the series of events following the Terrorist attacks: Invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Hatred and stereotypes towards Indians, Muslims, etc. And a whole lot of controversy about national safety. Perhaps the best to have done is gone back to the time when Bill Clinton was still President and warn him that someone is going to screw the hell out of America and bring the nation into tremendous debt because of spending so many resources in Iraq.

4. I’m not sure if it is possible to try and un-invent a certain creation, they’ll just spring up somewhere else in the world with a slightly different name by a slightly different person a few years later. However, this doesn’t ask if it is possible but to just do it. If I could un-invent something, I would want guns to be un-invented. How have they helped us in the world? How have they made progress? Sure I suppose they could be used for demolition or mines but the kind of guns I’m talking about are the kind that kill people. I talking about the little guns that you can hold in your hand and the big guns that can be launched into the sky and completely obliterate an entire city like Hiroshima. Like the wizened musician Edwin Starr once said in his song War, “What it is good for? Absolutely Nothing”. Nothing good breeds from violence but more violence to end the violence. You can’t really solve our problems with guns and fear but with understanding and love. I sound like a hippy or something. I know.

5. I don’t think there are enough movies out there to project my personality. Perhaps the closest one that is capable of doing so is: Karate Kid or something. I never got bullied like he did, and I don’t do any kind of martial arts but I guess the movie seems to click with me because there was that one scene with him and his mom getting into an argument about moving to this new place. He doesn’t feel like he fits in at all with the others at school and just wishes that he could go back home. I used to feel the same way when I came from Canada in seventh grade. In some previous blogs, I mentioned how the language and clothing here was sort of different from what I was used to. If sports count, I guess you could say I play tennis and I’ve beaten some people pretty bad like Daniel-San does. I have a coach but he doesn’t make me clean his car all day and paint the fence white.

6. I think that a nice raspberry or some fruit flavored ice-cream sorbet with like lemon slices on the side would make a great dessert. You can add some strawberry sauce from freshly-picked strawberries and sprinkle some of those little rainbow colored bits on top for effect. If you want, I suppose you can have a ripe cherry on top but I’m not sure if that’s necessary.


Music Blog #2

Code Monkey - by Jonathan Coulton

It’s a song about a guy who is frustrated with his office life. He is harassed by his boss and feels diminished from this repetitive cycle. Despite all the negative aspects, he still strives to work for the love of his life and is waiting for ‘that day’ to come.

“Code Monkey get up get coffee/ Code Monkey go to job/ Code Monkey have boring meeting with boring manager Rob”

These verses tell us how repetitive his life is and I feel that it relates to how most things in my life are a cycle. I wake up and drink a glass of chocolate milk everyday. I go to school five days a week. I don’t really get boring lessons from my teachers but they seem to revolve around the same subject again and again. The singer repeats each sentence with Code Monkey to symbolize the re-occurring events in his life like a mechanical chimp, without a sophisticated mind of his own.

If I Had $1,000,000 - by Barenaked Ladies

This light, airy, acoustic guitar feel reminds me of the simpler days of childhood where everyday was playday and weekends were meant for going out to parks instead of studying for AP entrance exams or SAT II Subject Tests. After I finish school and college and have a good paying job, I’d really want to spend the rest of my life resting. No more stress at work or home. No more tests, quizzes, study guides, lectures, presentations, essays, book reports, and above all: NO homework. I want to do enjoyable tasks like building sand castles or tree-forts and drink a glass of lemonade on hot humid days. With enough money, such as a million dollars, all of these desires can be fulfilled. Isn’t that what every person’s goal is, to have their desires fulfilled? Isn’t that the basic nature of all living beings?

“If I had a million dollars I'd build a tree-fort in our yard
If I had a million dollars you could help, it wouldn't be that hard
If I had a million dollars maybe we could put a little tiny fridge in there somewhere.”

Waiting On The World To Change - by John Mayer

“It's hard to beat the system /When we're standing at a distance /So we keep waiting /Waiting on the world to change”

We are stuck in a rut acting the way we do. Our actions have tremendous impact on the world, but we keep on looking, without making a move. John Mayer is trying to say that we are just waiting for the next generation of people to do that work for them, to take on their problems so they can live better. Sometimes I’m waiting on other people to do something when I should take matters into my own hands. If I know that what I’m doing isn’t right, but I’m stuck between the motions. This song encapsulates the world’s problems that could be solved but aren’t because of people who keep on waiting.

History of Fashion

I've never really questioned the way I dressed or what I wore very explicitly (or am I using that word wrong horribly). I just buy what I think looks nice and which are not always the most fashionable or fit clothes you'll ever see, they were downright hideous. My history begins in the early days of elementary school back in Vancouver.

In first through third grade my parents bought most of my clothes and they don't really dress to impress if you know what I mean. They gave me sweaters that my grandparents or relatives from China bought for me and they usually would have Chinese characters or bad English phrases sewn on them. I do recall wearing a particularly ugly brown wool sweater that my mom forced me to wear to school since it was very cold in Vancouver especially during winter. She was right, it did keep me warm but it also gave me some stares from like the 5th graders. There wasn't anything I could do at the time since I didn't get any allowance or have a way to buy my own clothes. For the most part I ignored it and played in on the monkey bars, jungle gym, and slide like everyone else.

When I was in fourth grade, I was able to obtain a larger selection of clothes. I still didn't really care what I wore but I started noticing when people giggled at my brown sweater with like ,"Ni Hao?" sewn on it or some characters that I can't remember in the slightest. I usually wore t-shirts during those hot as fuck summer days with stupid captions and cartoons on them because I they were cheap and plentiful. I had not really worn jeans I think until like middle school or something and mostly wore basketball shorts instead.

After moving to the US in 7th grade I was thrust into a new culture, a new social structure where people hung out with the similar people, where clothes became increasingly important and necessary to show off your style or swagger. It was not at all like where I was growing up in Canada, people accepted you for who you were (at least for most people) and clothes didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Quickly, I had to adapt and I asked my parents for better, newer clothes. Almost everyday of the week, I wore shorts to school, rain or shine because I was used to the cold weather in Vancouver. California seemed like a summer paradise (the only downside is that it never really snows. I always say what's the point of having it get so damn cold if i doesn't snow?). I had more t-shirts than I really needed, and got my first pair of jeans when I was in like 8th grade. Yes, I seem so deprived but it's ok. I began wearing jeans much more and bought shoes that weren't so torn up and ripped after only the first month. However, I still burn out shoes very quickly since I tend to wear the same shoe everyday for both tennis and the mile/treadmill/walking/everyday stuff.

In high school, I was able to afford more expensive stuff although I didn't want to buy shoes for like $100. There isn't much more to say about my fashion history. I like getting Adidas brand jackets, the ones with the stripes and t-shirts with cool designs on them. I only have one pair of PJ's and I don't like getting my hair cut too short. My friends say that I have crazy hair but I like it as long as it doesn't cover my eyes, it's fine. The glasses I'm currently wearing are my third pair of the same kind, I tend to break them easily when playing tennis. The screws come loose, I lose the screws and then it's all bad.

Interview Numbah 3

1. Do you believe in karma?

As much as I’d like to believe that doing something positive or selfless will somehow reward you in the future, there is no concrete evidence that such a thing is possible. Today, I just watched Knowing, which was an excellent sci-fi, drama, and maybe thriller movie that questioned if everything that happened was based on determinism, everything happens for a reason, or randomness, where shit just happens. I cannot say what will happen in the future because you never know what tomorrow holds for you. Thus, I cannot say whether karma is real or not. It may be purely coincidental that after giving a hobo ten dollars you find a hundred dollar bill on the ground or predetermined fate that led you to the discovery of that bill.

2. What one current event in any aspect of world news do you think is being most neglected or underrepresented?

I would be able to better answer this question if I read or watched the news more often but I believe that one case that isn’t really world news is over-represented and over-broadcasted and ignoring other issues at hand. That dang Nancy Grace news channel with that Caylee, missing child case, and her young mother is annoying the heck out of me. They are still trying to interrogate or watch the “Tot’s mother’s” movements on the phone, at home, their family, etc. Who needs to know all this information? All this time is spent on ridiculing the mother and her poor parenting skills while more teenage girls in Africa are being smuggled into the prostitution business or sold as wives in the black market. Why does this one girl get so much attention while all the others are being neglected? I feel that it has been stretched out too far and too long for it to still be interesting.

3. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?

I would want to have a power that could help benefit the rest of humanity and stop pollution from enveloping our world with man-made fumes and chemicals cutting through our ozone layer. I’m not exactly sure what it would be, maybe the power to grow trees or plants from scrap metal or barren land, where previously nothing could grow. Perhaps, I could have the power to control the weather so that when the season is too dry I could bring rain or when the day is too hot I could bring clouds and wind.

4. If you could invite any 5 famous people or characters to your birthday party, who would you pick?

Pikachu - Pokemon. To rub it in someone’s face.
Roger Federer - Tennis dude #2 in the world. Autograph everything I own.
Dave Chappelle - for comedic effect
Akon - For the music entertainment
Goku - Dragon Ball Z - Teach me how to shoot energy out of my hands.

5. If you could live in any film or book, what would you select? Would you want to be one of the characters, or would you want to be you (introduced as a new character)?

I’m guessing that many people will pick Harry Potter’s world with muggles and fairies as their answer. It would be amusing to learn how to repair broken glasses or turn your roommate’s pillow into a snarling lion. However, you would have to wear those uniforms like in many British schools and always be respectful and courteous to your elders, superiors, and teachers. I wouldn’t have the option of sleeping in class without a strict bizarre punishment such as cleaning out all the snot of a troll or spending a night in the Forbidden Forest with Dementors and Giant Spiders.
6. Who of your friends would make the best president? I can't wait to know why.

Many people are obliged to say Antonio because he shows a lot of leadership skills, and already has been the president of 10th grade and some previous grades as well. I personally don’t really know him very well and never actually talked to him for an extended period of time. Basically, I’m just judging him from his outward, easily noticeable characteristics and personality. I can’t say he is perfect for the job of president because no one can be able to support the needs of everyone in the nation. However, Antonio would make a very ‘nice’ president.

7. I used to always trip out that my strawberry Chapstick tasted so strongly like strawberries (and why was I eating so much Chapstick?). Then I realized that it wasn't the taste that was strong; it was the smell. They say that smell is the strongest sense (and I agree). What is your favorite smell? USE CONNOTATIONS, FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, OR ANALOGY in your (butter) saucy answer.

I love the smell of a hot sizzling burger freshly cooked on the grill. My mouth waters uncontrollable as the heavenly aroma penetrates my nostrils. The tender, juicy hunk of meat accompanied with a bed of greens and pickles, with some mustard and ketchup squirted on for additional flavoring. Don’t forget the cheese that just melts on top of the patty and induces a spasm of saliva to gush forth and possibly even cause you to gag. Nothing would suit me better than to have a 1/3 lb sirloin burger with bacon tossed in or the zesty Chicken Ciabatta from Jack in the Box or from Big Al’s or Burger Depot or Barney’s or In-N-Out, or Carl’s Jr etc....

8. Ignoring our budget crisis: If you could invent a new class for AHS to teach, what would it be?

Learn how to build a robot, technological engineering, or a course on video game design. I know that we already have a web development class at AHS but another class in that category could be one of the following. They incorporate the programming language we learn in AP computer science and apply it to real-world connections and applications like making your own website or video game. It would be sweet if you could, by the end of the year, be able to play your own video game on a computer from a disk just like the ones you buy!!! You could sell them too if you want to make a profit. Maybe for a mid-term or final project in the Robotics class you would present a fully-functional robot and have a competition to see which on would come out on top.

9. Identify any symbol from any film ever (pick your favorite if you can think of many from which to choose). Identify what it means and why you picked it.

Since I just recently watched it, I believe that the circle symbol in KNOWING, represented the end of times or God’s judgment as prophesied in the final chapter of the New Testament. When Nicolas Cage first started noticing the patterns on the paper, he had gotten a circular beer stain from placing his glass over the paper. When the aliens appeared to his son they showed him a forest burning and animals dying through the circular window of his bedroom. In the picture that Lucinda (dunno if spelled right) kept watching (back when she was alive), god sat in the throne in a circular disk of light that portrayed the end of times, the final judgment. The movie poster itself has a circle shape of the earth being consumed by the sun (God). I won’t spoil the ending for you...

10. Will humankind still exist in 300 years?

That is a very existentialist (or am I using that term wrong horribly) question. Will humans learn how to combat future epidemics, dictatorships, wars, massacres, depressions, and other nasty stuff from Pandora’s Box? Only time can tell. By 2309 will we have found an alternative fuel source to create less pollution in the atmosphere? Will we be able to teleport to work or school or the local strip club in a matter of nanoseconds? The way things are going, we can be both hopeful or pessimistic. Will Obama be able to help repair what the previous president wreaked? Will relations between the Jews and Christians and Muslims get better? Will new diseases or previous ones like cancer or AIDS be cured? Will rockets be able to send people to live on the moon and start a new colony there?
11. What is the most embarrassing song to ever grace your IPOD? Why was it there, may I ask?

12. Did you support your answers?

Yeah, I tried my best to support them.


Perfected in Japan, this delicacy is now a “super-product” in the US. We know is as Top-Ramen or Cup-Noodles but that is only the most basic form of noodles that have been created. The more refined type of noodles originated from China to Japan and has become a cultural icon for the island country. They vary in myriad ways, ranging from sliced pork with beef broth and corn on the side to miso broth with seafood such as calamari or tempura. You can have your noodles eaten cold (soba style noodles) or warm (I prefer the warm Udon noodles because they are very thick and succulent when you munch on them after a cold windy day from school and your face is rigid stiff from walking home) and sometimes even stir-fried but most people enjoy their noodles steamed or boiled in hot water.

You have almost all your necessary food groups in your bowl of Ramen you buy from an authentic Japanese restaurant: there is the meat, the noodles for carbohydrates, the seaweed and assortments of steamed vegetables for well, your veggie portions. Most restaurants will serve you some miso soup before delivering that main dish, a custom carried down for many generations in Japanese noodle shops in almost all regions.

I would like nothing better than to eat a nice bowl of steaming hot Ramen for lunch after enduring the seething bite of the harsh morning wind. The tendrils of steam rise like puffy clouds giving color back to your cheeks and treating your nostrils to an seductive aroma of heavy beef stock or chicken stock or a mix of both. As you inhale your first whiff of the delectable delight, your shoulders relax, your eyes widen, and you enter a state of tranquility with the world. Nothing is there to bother you from consuming your Ramen in peace. Everything is null, and only you and the bowl remain. As you inhale the second time, the smell brings you back home so you can begin your meal properly.

Greedily, you snatch up that first piece of meat with your chopsticks (or forks for those chopstick-handicapped) and wrap it around a string of noodles. The mass of food enters your mouth and explodes with a flavor that renders you speechless. There is an orgasmic excitement that intrigues your taste buds from the baby-soft beef slice, giving away like butter underneath your tongue, almost melting inside your mouth, leaving an indescribably juicy fluid ruminating inside. The divine noodles are easily chewed into a bolus of mush as you contemplate what to eat next. Your roommate or mother (whichever comes first) is playing heavy metal music or whatever they like listening to in the background as you eat. However, the noodles bring you into a trance-like state of mind that nullifies any outside distractions from eating your noodles. Slurping the soup of the bowl warms your throat with luscious liquids that also serves to quench some of your thirst (it has dual-purposes!). Its rejuvenating properties loosens the dark heavy bags under your eyes, curing every crinkle, knot, and uncomfortable itch. Even the vegetables prepared are a treat in of itself, each possessing the unique qualities to bring good health to growing boys and girls and aging men and women beyond the point of salvation (a certain someone... sorry you’re not old at all).

By the time you finish the last noodle and beef slice with a fat slurp, your belly is satisfied and you feel like talking a nice nap to sleep it off. All your troubles are forgotten and you fall into a deep slumber...only to be awakened by your roommates loud music or your mom’s nagging...